Friday, September 26, 2008

Like Sarah Palin, I were ill...

I've been reading about what a violation of basic intelligence Sarah Palin is capable of committing in front of a national audience. I've read all about it in publications partial to either side of the partisan fence. But in fairness, I thought I should giver Mrs. Palin a fair chance and judge for myself. Well, today I found this:

"Health care reform and reducing taxes and reigning and spending has got to accompany tax reductions and tax relief for Americans."

So, among other things, we have to reduce taxes in order to reduce taxes. Everyone got that?

Nevermind the fact that she first answered the question by saying that she "were" ill along with Americans she has purportedly spoken with about the bailout plan. She then gave it her support for reasons I still haven't managed to decode from her answer. She then moves on to say (I think) that taxing us lowly citizens, effectively granting large scale corporations the same rights as individual people will stimulate job growth and also cut taxes. So raising taxes in an already sagging economy will create jobs and reduce taxes. Everyone got that?

I watched this one and a half times. Halfway through the second viewing, I closed the page and I actually took the nearest object, a spoon, and shoved it up my own ass. Because if I'm ever going to be in that much pain, I'm going to do it to myself.

Now, I'm aware that this is just one clip, and that she may not always be this bad. But on the other hand it's not spliced up, either. You heard the question and this is her answer, if you can even give her as much credit to say that she "answered" at all.

Has everyone seen the excruciating, horrifying Q&A with Miss South Carolina 2007? If so, you'll probably want to skip this next clip because I think if you watch it more than once, you'll actually forget how to read. But if you haven't seen it, and you want to see something that makes Sarah Palin look like JFK by comparison, enjoy:

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